Kingsfield's Second Chance Thrift Shoppe is not your average store! This boutique thrift shop stocks all kinds of gently used treasures. ...but the greatest surprise is that Second Chance benefits multiple Global and Local Missionary ventures. Through the hard work of our staff and volunteers this little shop is touching lives across Laguna Beach, Orange County, and around the world! Please consider volunteering to serve in our thrift shop or donating gently used items. We ask that our entire church body keep this vital ministry in prayer for the amazing work that they do! Take a moment and view below the many wonderful outreaches and ministries supported by the Second Chance Thrift Shoppe!

If you are interested in volunteering or donating items please call: 949.464.0070 or contact the church office here.




Beacon of Hope is a ministry providing orphaned, abandoned and surrendered children excellent care with Christian values and principles. Their vision is to:

- Make available the best care for abandoned, surrendered and orphaned children
- Engage in placing children with caring and loving adoptive parents
- Support and encourage community outreach programs to assist impoverished families
- Collaborate and support missionaries/evangelists in their purpose to preach the Gospel in fulfillment of Christ's commission
- Establish and maintain strong alliance with sponsors, mission friends and communities.

Check out the Beacon Of Hope Phillipine Orphanage website.



Growers First equips isolated indigenous family farmers to undertake long term economic and community development through outreach and partnership. We believe the future of remote families, communities and the environment in which they live will be sustainable only by teaching them good stewardship. We are their partners and a resource in developing a program to lead themselves to a better future. We are helping coffee growing families in remote communities through direct training and assistance including:

- Food and Medical Aid
- Agricultural Consulting and Education
- Leadership Conferences
- Outreach Missions
- Micro-finance
- Environmental Planning and Organic Certification
- Building Partnerships with other Missions, Aid Agencies and Local Governments

Check out the Growers First website.



Hope of the Nations' vision is to teach and train the local people of Tanzania to be pastors and Christian leaders in their Muslim community.

Hope of the Nations has a wide variety of ministries which include:
- Children Training Centers
- Bible College
- Kid's Club
- Medical Outreach
- Youth Camps
- Seminars and Training

Check out the Hope Of The Nations website.



Melanie Baggao serves the Middle East through American Baptist
International Ministries. She has responded to God’s calling on her life to minister to muslims in the Middle East.

Melanie will be joining up with a Lebanese Baptist ministry and her desire is to work with and minister to Syrian refugees. Her goal is to aid in providing education to some of the nearly half million children that have been displaced.



Angela Simon will be ministering in Tokyo, Japan. In Japan, there is only one missionary for every 56,800 people. The suicide rate in Japan is one of the highest in the world, reaching a near epidemic rate. 34,427 Japanese men and women took their own lives last year.

Her desire is to see every person in Japan know the relentless love of God. She desires to love the people fearlessly, and let them know there is immeasurable value to their lives. Most importantly, she desires to help the Japanese people see the reality of the freedom & power the Gospel brings.



Challenge is a campus ministry that aims to invest in, disciple, & mentor students.
Our mission is to:
- EVANGELIZE & share the gospel clearly, so they understand their need for Christ.
- ESTABLISH students by teaching them spiritual disciplines & investing in their growth by showing them practical steps.
- EQUIP students with tools that are reproducible to share with others.
- EXTEND them to go & make disciples. We want their lives to be transformed by the truth so that we will see them love the gospel dearly, speak the gospel clearly, and live the gospel sincerely in their lives.